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Druidz Welcome Topic.

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Posted 15 May 2007 - 01:54 AM

+ Druidz Welcome Topic


Board Purpose: The Just Visiting board is where we conduct all our external affairs, and are introduced to new potential members and friends. This board bears little restriction as to what is socially acceptable, though it is our mission to inform everyone of exactly who we are, why we are here/why we will continue to stay here, and why we may or may not like you just because you decided to post here. Don't fret, though. While it may seem like we're out to get mostly everyone, we're really a diverse group of accepting and intelligent individuals. Don't take everything we say seriously and try to roll with the punches.

Posting Guidelines: We're not going to tell you how to post, but we'd be glad to give you a few hints as to what you can do to make us like you. These aren't rules by any means--In fact, if you do the exact opposite, it will most likely provide us with endless entertainment--But good luck trying to get invited.
  • Don't bother coming here if you don't at least know someone.
  • Learn to use Ventrilo and request our server information. This is a great way to get to know us. If Neil bans you, don't think anything of it.
  • Don't sign your damn posts.
  • Don't be younger than 16.
  • None of us play RuneScape. We do have a board, but don't expect to talk about it much here.
  • Get an avatar, it will help us identify you. Don't bother using the cool, stylish, "hey look at me this is artsy" one from another forum with your handle in pixel font at the bottom. Banned.
  • Don't make an introduction topic unless you're told to do so. If you must introduce yourself, distract us with something creative (Digg article, pictures, ask/tell or discussion topic).
  • It's better to give us original material to flame you with other than just your general faggotry.
  • Post real life pictures of you doing stupid shit.
  • Troll. Learn how we talk and conform as much as possible. Leave no post unanswered.
Who We Are (General Clan History): The Druidz Clan started as The Druidz Clan of RuneScape. At one point, all our members played RuneScape. Nowadays you'll be lucky to find one or two. Now that that's out of the way: we've been together since September 2002. That's almost five years. Nothing is more important to us than sticking together and finding members who will come to respect this agenda. Over the years we've been through many relocations, leadership changes, and overall reform. We've proven to ourselves that what we have here is something that will last for a long time, and with every addition we see potential to become even better.

Our day to day banter consists of a mixture of current events, pseudo-blog entries, geek related discussion, and general clan affairs. We have categorized boards to discuss video games, sports and fitness, music, and the latest and greatest Youtube's and 'adult entertainment' releases. Clan discussion, Oracle discussion, and all other General discussion are also clearly labeled. We have a few yearly traditions which usually include: Oracle Elections, The Druidz Everything Awards, and a State of the Clan Address. Branching from these we also undertake projects ranging from establishing a Druidz group on the latest networking site, to the (not yet) failed Druidz Pixel Tower, to Oracle projects like the New Member Guide and general board reform. We like being involved in the lives of all our members, and serve as both a means of support and entertainment.

A more in depth look into our clan is contained within the New Member Guide, which is distributed upon acceptance to the Clan. The purpose of the guide is to inform the member of the Clan's basic ins and outs, confirm interest in the Clan, and explain how important Druidz life can be if you choose to make it so.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for letting us indulge. We look forward to getting to know you, as long as you consider it a privilege to get to know us.

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