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Druidz Application Process

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Posted 15 May 2007 - 12:06 AM

+ Druidz Application Process


New Members: The Druidz Clan currently operates under an invitation system. If you want to join, you probably should know a handful of members or have been entertaining as fuck in the guest board. Please compose your application following the guidelines below and proceed as follows:
  • If you don't have an account, create one and wait for it to be validated by an Oracle. Chances are that if you are planning on posting an application, you have already completed this step.
  • Post your application by starting a new thread in the Just Visiting forum.
    • In the topic title of the application, use Application from: [Your Name/Handle].
  • As far as the application is concerned, it's safe to say our format has changed significantly over time. Included below are a list of suggested topics we feel are important to us. Feel free to answer any, all, or add your own. The more information the better, but try to make it snappy. Our time is valuable and more than likely a candid snapshot of yourself can tell us a lot more than paragraphs could.
    • Vital Stats: Name, geographical location, and age.
    • Current Educational Status: If college, where?
    • Contact Information: MSN, AIM, E-mail.
    • Social Networking Profiles: MySpace.com, Facebook.com, etc.
    • Other Online Profiles: Last.fm, deviantART.com, etc.
    • Other Communities: Do you have stairs in your house? Did you pwn this girl today? Insert OT/4chan meme here?
    • How Do We Already Know You? Link to topics and posts in our boards if you want to be an overachiever.
    • Hobbies/Interests: As much as we are interested in your musical tastes, video game preferences, favorite sports teams and passtimes, we heavily value what makes you unique.
    • Why You'd Like To Join: Who recommended that you apply? Why did they think you'd make a good member? How do you think you could contribute? These are all generally the same question, just keep in mind that we are most interested in members who will stay long and post a lot.
    • Pictures: If you can't bring yourself to post a picture of yourself on the internet, or worse, don't even have a camera, your application better be stellar. As stated above, pictures provide a lot of insight. Post as many as you want, and don't limit yourself to just...yourself. Show us your whip, your crib, your ho/bro, it's all good. Please note that pictures are a requirement for female applicants.
  • After you post, pay attention to your application thread. Members may ask questions.
  • If enough members vouch for you, you will be given a 1 month trial as a druid. At the end of the month, polling will be conducted on whether or not you should be allowed to stay in.

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